Zoom L20 LiveTrak Mixer & Digital Recorder
Zoom L20 LiveTrak Mixer & Digital Recorder
Zoom L20 LiveTrak Mixer & Digital Recorder
Zoom L20 LiveTrak Mixer & Digital Recorder
Zoom L20 LiveTrak Mixer & Digital Recorder
Zoom L20 LiveTrak Mixer & Digital Recorder
Zoom L20 LiveTrak Mixer & Digital Recorder
Zoom L20 LiveTrak Mixer & Digital Recorder
Zoom L20 LiveTrak Mixer & Digital Recorder
Zoom L20 LiveTrak Mixer & Digital Recorder

Zoom L20 LiveTrak Mixer & Digital Recorder

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More Board. More Music.

Zoom L-20

More Board. More Music.

The LiveTrak L-20 is the new digital console offering everything creators need to mix, monitor, and record complex productions. With 20 discrete audio channels and six individual custom monitor mixes, it’s built for bigger, bolder arrangements.

20 Inputs for Bigger Sound
The LiveTrak L-20 is designed to mix bigger. It features 20 inputs (16 mono mic/line inputs and two stereo inputs), all with independent 3-band mid-parametric EQ. The 16 mono inputs offer stand-alone compressor control.

22 Tracks of Recording
Record 20 discrete channels plus a stereo mix directly to an SD card. The LiveTrak L-20 captures pristine audio in resolutions up to 24-bit/96 kHz.* At -128 dBu EIN with +60 dB maximum input gain, the L-20 is equipped with our quietest and most advanced preamps ever. Mix down finished songs on the L-20 or transfer your discrete tracks to a DAW to perfect later.

*Effects, EQ, overdub, audio interface, and fader modes A-E are not available in 96 kHz.

Create Six Custom Monitor Mixes
With six independent monitor outputs for musicians, each output can have its own custom mix, complete with effects, that can easily be switched from a powerful headphone output, to a balanced line output for stage monitors.

And One for the House
The LiveTrak L-20 features a dedicated 7th output for the FOH engineer. The sound engineer can monitor the main mix and any of the sub mixes, thus adjusting them to the musicians’ satisfaction.

Let’s Break it Down

Channel Strip
All 20 inputs include a channel fader as well as dedicated mute and solo buttons. The 16 mono inputs include single-knob compression and gain control. Record or playback individual channels with the "Rec/Play" button.

EQ Control
The L-20 provides a smooth 3-band mid-parametric EQ and a variable frequency low-cut for each channel. Use the "Select" button to apply Channel Strip settings to the selected channel.

2 EFX Sends
The L-20 offers 20 built-in effects with adjustable parameters. Choose from delay and reverb effects, then apply them to any channel using two dedicated EFX busses.

Broad Connectivity
The L-20’s combo inputs support XLR or 1/4-inch connections. Channels 1-2 offer Hi-Z inputs for electric guitar or bass. Channels 17/18 and 19/20 have TS line connectivity for keyboards and other audio devices, as well as RCA inputs.

Navigation and Display
The LiveTrak L-20’s bright, backlit LCD screen and encoder knob let you access an intuitive menu to create new projects, recall previous projects, and customize your recorder settings.

Slate Mic and Metronome
Use the built-in slate mic to record comments or talk-back. Push the tempo button to program the metronome to your desired tempo.

Transport Controls and Overdub Button
Transport controls include Record, Play/Pause, Stop, Fast forward, and Rewind. The overdub button allows you to record additional tracks to your current project.

Six Custom Monitor Mixes
The “Fader Mode” buttons allow you to design custom mixes for both the master and monitor outs. For each output, easily switch between a powerful headphone output and a balanced line output for stage monitors.

Headphone Output for FOH
The L-20 includes a dedicated headphone output for front-of-house, enabling them to monitor any of the custom sub mixes as well as the master mix.

Custom Scene Settings
Create and save up to nine different scenes to recall fader position, EQ settings, pan, mute, and more.

Big Beautiful Interface
Although the LiveTrak L-20 is designed to work as a stand-alone recording and mixing console, it can also be used as a 22-in/4-out USB audio interface. Audio Interface mode lets you route inputs to any DAW or streaming software, even while recording to an SD card. Additionally, audio can be routed from your computer into the L-20 to be mixed with your live performance. Class compliant mode, which enables connection with iOS devices, is supported as well.*

*Apple Lightning to USB Camera Adapter required.

Wireless Mixing
The LiveTrak L-20 offers wireless control* via a free iOS mobile app featuring most onboard functions, including Fader Levels and Modes, Scenes, EQ, EFX sends, returns, parameters, and more. You can even manage your Effects Library and Scene Library right from your device. Control it all on either large Monitor Out view with a mini transport, or a mini Monitor Out view with expanded Transport controls.

*Zoom wireless adapter (ex. BTA-1) required.


- 20 discrete channels (16 mono plus 2 stereo) with XLR or 1/4-inch connectivity
- 22-track simultaneous recording, 20-track playback
- 22-in/4-out USB audio interface connectivity
- Records up to 24bit/96kHz audio to SD card
- 48V phantom power
- Hi-Z connectivity (channels 1-2)
- 26dB pad (channels 3-16)
- Built-in compression control (Channels 1-16)
- Solo buttons for individual channels
- Variable frequency low-cut control
- Main outputs plus 6 customizable Monitor outputs
- Dedicated headphone output for sound engineer
- Scene saving function, up to 9 scenes saved at a time
- 20 built-in chorus, delay and reverb effects with adjustable parameters
- Two Effect Busses
- Built-in slate mic
- Class-compliant mode (for iOS compatibility)
- Compatible with Remote Mixer app for iPad
- Automatic recording starting/stopping capability
- Pre-Record Function
- Import/export projects with USB 2.0 host port
- Compatible functions for ZOOM FS01 footswitch
- Automatic power save function

Here's what comes included with the L-20

- AC adapter (AD-19)
- USB 2.0 cable
- Quick Guide

Optional Accessories

- RKL-12 Rack Mount Adapter
- BTA-1 Bluetooth Adapter
- FS01 Momentary Footswitch
- CBL-20 Carrying Bag for L-20/L-12



Number of input and output channels
- Inputs
- Mono (MIC/LINE): 16
- Stereo (LINE): 2
- Outputs

- Mono (MIC/LINE)
- Type XLR/TRS combo jacks (XLR: 2 HOT, TRS: TIP HOT)
- Input gain
- PAD OFF: +16 – +60 dB
- PAD ON: −10 – +34 dB
- Hi-Z ON: +6 – +50 dB
- Input impedance
- XLR: 3 kΩ
- TRS: 10 kΩ/1 MΩ (when Hi-Z ON)
- Maximum input level
- PAD OFF: 0 dBu (at 0 dBFS)
- PAD ON: +26 dBu (at 0 dBFS)
- Phantom power: +48 V
- Stereo (LINE)
- Type: TS phone/RCA pin (unbalanced jacks)
- Maximum input level: +14 dBu

- Type: XLR jacks (balanced)
- Maximum output level: +14.5 dBu
- Output impedance: 100 Ω
- MONITOR OUT A–F (with balanced output) connected to monitors
- Type: TRS phone jacks (balanced)
- Maximum output level: +14.5 dBu
- Output impedance: 100 Ω
- MONITOR OUT A–F (with unbalanced output) connected to headphones
- Type: Standard stereo phone jacks
- Maximum output level: 42 mW + 42 mW at 60 Ω
- Output impedance: 100 Ω
- Type: Standard stereo phone jacks
- Maximum output level: 42 mW + 42 mW at 60 Ω
- Output impedance: 100 Ω


Channel Strip
- LOW CUT: 40–600 Hz, 12dB/OCT
- EQ
- HIGH: 10 kHz, ±15 dB, shelving
- MID: 100 Hz – 8 kHz, ±15 dB, peaking
- LOW: 100 Hz, ±15 dB, shelving
- Level meters: 12 segments
- Send effects: 20 types

- Maximum simultaneous recording track: 22 at 44.1/48/96 kHz
- Maximum simultaneous playback tracks: 20
- Recording format: WAV 44.1/48/96 kHz, 16/24-bit, mono/stereo
- Recording media: 16MB–2GB SD cards, 4GB–32GB SDHC cards, 64GB–512GB SDXC cards

Audio interface
- 44.1/48 kHz
- Recording: 22 channels
- Playback: 4 channels
- Bit depth: 24-bit
- Interface: USB 2.0
- Card reader: Class Mass storage, USB 2.0 High Speed
- USB HOST: Class USB 2.0 High Speed
- Sampling frequency: 44.1/48/96 kHz
- Frequency characteristics
- 44.1 kHz: −1.0 dB, 20 Hz – 20 kHz
- 96 kHz: −3.0 dB, 20 Hz – 40 kHz

- Equivalent input noise: Actual measurements: −128dBu EIN (IHF-A) at +60dB/150Ω input
- Display: LCD with backlight (128x64 resolution)
- Power: AD-19 AC adapter (DC12V 2A)
- Power consumption: 24 W maximum
- External dimensions: 445 mm (W) x 388.4 mm (D) x 82.6 mm (H)
- Weight (main unit only): 3.71 kg

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