2hp Comb Eurorack Filter Module (Silver)


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This little comb filter is a combination of a filter with CV over the Cutoff and Resonance and an very short impulse delay. Together these can add rich harmonics to your input, anything from smooth subtle overtones to growling distortion. The Comb will work best with interesting audio input. Something like drum samples or a harmonically rich oscillator for example. Sending sequenced or random CV into the three inputs will give you a very diverse set of sounds which you can use for either rhythmic or melodic purposes. It's more a sound design tool than a standard Low Pass Filter.

Here's what 2hp have to say about it:

Comb is an IIR peaking comb filter with control over cutoff frequency, resonance that can be driven into self oscillation, and a dampening filter in the feedback path.

An incredibly short, tuned delay line will alter the character of your input by imposing harmonic peaks on the source. Subtle settings can result in thickening timbres, reminiscent of phaser-like effects, while more extreme settings can create lustrous string sounds from white noise, or tear your waveform to shreds.

Explore new sonic territory with Comb.

  • Comb filter
  • Capable of self oscillation
  • Feedback path dampening filter
  • Infinite impulse response topology