2hp Freez Eurorack Locked Looper Module (Silver)

2hp Freez Eurorack Locked Looper Module (Silver)

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Sampling and looping and bit crushing fun in 2hp
This is a fun one! The 2HP Freez is an audio freezer and looper. This means that the Freez is continually storing a few seconds of the audio input which you can freeze and loop with voltage control or manually. This frozen buffer can then be manipulated with the “size” and “sample rate” control. "Size" will adjust the length of the repeated audio and “Sample Rate” will downsample the audio buffer to give bitcrushed type sounds.
Where it gets interesting is the relationship between the two controls. When the sample rate is low, the length of the buffer can be longer. At times the Freez can give you lovely crackly skipping vinyl type sounds, at others it will distort and destroy the input beyond all recognition. Try sending the “Trig” input random triggers to spice up sequenced synth lines or modulate the “Sample Rate” input to add some noise and subtle pitch shifting to your sounds
It's more flexible that it would first appear, being equally usefull for rythmic repeated loops and phrases as it is for sound design or audio treatments.
Here's what 2HP have to say about it:

Freez is a voltage controlled locked looper. It captures moments of audio in buffers, where they can be minced and mangled beyond recognition. Once frozen, adjusting size will cause pitch and timbre changes to the locked audio. Adjusting the sample rate control will distort and decimate the incoming audio as well as warp the time domain of the currently locked buffer. From beat repeat to granular audio buffer, Freez will create new sounds and textures out of any input signal.

- Voltage controlled locked looper

- Sample rate up to 96kHz

- Buffer size ranges from microseconds to 3 seconds long

- Beat repeat

- Bit crusher

  • Current Draw: 95mA +12V, 27mA -12V

  • Depth: 45mm


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