4ms Listen 4 Quarters Eurorack Audio Interface Module

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Eurorack mixer and output module

Reliably mix your Eurorack signals and output them to TRS line level. The 4ms Listen 4 Quarters Mixer Module is an extremely simple but versatile mixer module. It allows up to four channels to mixed down and sent out via TRS line level to any equipment you can think of. It's ideal for sending to amplifiers, effects units like guitar pedals, and your audio interface for easy recording. It features four channels, two have mono inputs with pan controls and the other two are stereo channels with dual inputs. This utility module features everything you need to mix your modular synth and can even be daisy chained with other Listen 4 Mixers to increase your channel count.

Reliable Mixing
Four channels of stereo mixing, with TRS line level jack outputs, as well as a headphone output. The Listen 4 Quarters module is an extremely useful utility module. Out of the four channels, two have mono inputs with pan controls and the other two are stereo channels with dual inputs. This provides optimised compatibility with both stereo and mono. If four channels are not enough then you can daisy chain multiple Listen modules.

The Listen 4 Quarters features LEDs to indicate clipping, anti-pop, and excessively low noise. If you rely on multiple ins and outs as part of your Eurorack then trust in 4ms to deliver and distribute your signal perfectly, every time.


  • Four channel Eurorack mixer
  • TRS Line level output
  • Headphone output
  • Trim pot for clipping light level
  • Daisy Chaining
  • Anti-pop circuitry
  • Specifications
  • 12HP Eurorack format module
  • 1.13” (28.7mm) maximum depth (includes power cable)
  • 10-pin Eurorack power header

Power consumption

  • Maximum values without using headphones jack:
  • Main outputs shorted to ground, headphones jack not used, maximum signal levels on all channels
  • +12V: 107mA
  • -12V: 101mA
  • Maximum values in worst-case conditions:
  • All outputs including headphone jack shorted to ground, maximum signal levels on all channels
  • +12V: 290mA
  • -12V: 101mA

Main outputs

  • Output type: balanced zero-impedance, compensated for electrolytic capacitor distortion
  • Frequency Response: +/-0.2dB max deviation, 10Hz - 20kHz
  • Maximum output level: 17.1V peak-to-peak (+17.8dBu)
  • Maximum gain of channels 1 and 2: -4.4dB (hard-panned), -9.1dB (center-panned)
  • Maximum gain of channels 3 and 4, and INS header: -7.5dB

Headphones jack

  • Frequency response: -0.2dB at 20Hz; 0dB at 100Hz to 20kHz (driving 32Ω headphones)
  • Maximum voltage (peak-to-peak): 5Vpp
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