ADDAC Dual Power Starvation Eurorack Utility Module  (ADDAC300)

ADDAC Dual Power Starvation Eurorack Utility Module (ADDAC300)

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Eurorack Experimental Module

Power starvation is the first hack that any "DIY'er" learns. It's also one of the hacks that can generate some of the most interesting sonic effects in circuit bending.
We thought of bringing this principle to the modular world. Plug any module of your choice through it and independently tune it's ± power.
This will have most interesting effects in analog modules: filters, delays, mixers... They can either go silent or start screaming at your ears, going berserk with the lack of current to behaving normally, making them cough, choke, go spastic... Something like a safely induced heart attack...

Two IDC connectors on the back allow to independently plug 2 modules of your choice.
Bypass switches for easy operation.
The trimmers allow for setting a minimum voltage plateau. Most modules will shut down from 3 to 10v. These trimmers allow to set them at the right sweet spot and enjoy the full range of the pot for the power starving.

This module uses special potentiometers which are way more expensive than regular ones. to minimize prices we offer 2 version depending on the power required by the module you want to starve away:
ADDAC300A: Modules up to 75mA consumption per rail - price: 90€
ADDAC300B: Modules up to 150mA consumption per rail - price: 120€

Not advised for modules above 150mA!
Use at your own risk.

. Passive Module
. Width: 4 HP
. Depth: 4 cm
. Bus Board Cable: 8 × 2 IDC (Doepfer style) connector


4 HP

40 mm deep

Current Draw

Module does not draw current

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