ADDAC Heuristic Rhythm Generator Eurorack Gate/Trigger Sequencer Module (ADDAC402)

ADDAC Heuristic Rhythm Generator Eurorack Gate/Trigger Sequencer Module (ADDAC402)

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Eurorack Rythmn Generation Module

Here's our 4 Voice Heuristic Rhythm Generator and MIDI In/Out Expansion.

This module is a powerfull rhythm generation machine! 
Features 4 voices of gate outputs (including inverted outputs for logic NOT sequences) where each voice can have independent lengths, all configurable with direct knobs anc cv inputs.
Perfect for precise polyrhythmic patterns and all sorts of non-linear sequencing.

The module works by 6 different rhythm generation "algorithms / principles":
Euclidean (equal distribution)
Golomb Rulers (inequal distribution)
Probabilistic (predictable distribution)
Game Of Life (organic progression)
Footwork'n (inducted error progression)
Pong (voltage controlled Pong game)

Plus a 4 channel Gate Sequencer Mode with up to 32 steps and 16 storable presets.

More detailed info on each of these Modes and their specific controls can be seen on the screen by pressing the Info push button. So you'll never forget how it works.


Add ADDAC402B Expansion for full I/O Midi control plus access to a powerful midi interface, with:
Midi Sync
5 cv to midi channels (notes and/or cc)
4 midi to gate channels
All panel controls (knobs, switches and push buttons) as cc controls. 

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