AJH Synth Multi Burst Envelope Euroack Module (Silver)

AJH Synth Multi Burst Envelope Euroack Module (Silver)

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Eurorack Multi-Burst Envelope Generator Module

The MiniMod Multi Burst Envelopes module generates variable length bursts of repeating envelopes that can change over time, with CV control of all functions.


The BURSTS control selects a "Burst Sequence" of between 1 and 40 individual envelopes. The envelope shape of a burst is chosen with the rotary switch, or it can be varied using an external CV, so that it is even possible to chose a different envelope shape for each individual burst in a sequence.


The width of the envelope (i.e. the attack and decay time) is varied with the P-WIDTH control and this can also be CV controlled as a sequence is progressing, so it is possible to vary the envelope speed of each individual envelope burst while a Burst Sequence is running.


The repeat time of individual bursts in a Burst Sequence is set with the LFO Rate control. The LFO rate can be varied with an external CV as a sequence is progressing, so the gap between envelopes can speed up or slow down over time. An external clock can also time the bursts in a burst sequence instead of, or in addition to the internal LFO. Bursts can also be manually incremented with the CLK push button.


The SLOPE control allows Bursts to start quietly and build in level to maximum, or they can start at full level and then reduce in level as the Burst Sequence progresses. In the centre position all Bursts are of equal level.





Individual Envelope Length: 20msecs to 2.5 seconds


Internal clock rate: Off, 0.24Hz to 51Hz, or every 4.2 seconds to every 20msecs


Envelope waveshapes: Sine, LogDown, LogUp, ExpoDown, RampUp, Triangle, RampDown, Pulse


Repeats: 1 to 40


Slope: bipolar, sloping up from 4%->100%, and sloping down from 100%->4%

Module Width: 12hp


Module Depth: 26mm (Including power lead)


Current Usage: 28mA Positive, 12mA Negative

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