ALM Busy Circuits ASQ-1 Eurorack Sequencer Module

ALM Busy Circuits ASQ-1 Eurorack Sequencer Module

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Eurorack Sequencer Module

The ASQ-1 is a novel Eurorack sequencer with 3 different ’output modes’ - CV/Gate, Triggers


and a Quantiser. The CV/Gate and Trigger mode have multiple instances or tracks. All run si-

multaneously and synchronised to an internal or external clock. Programming of all modes


is performed using the mechanical computer style keys which represent both note and se-

quence position info.


ASQ-1 is intended to be a simple immediate sequencer ideally suited to quickly jamming out


ideas or performing live. It’s intended to be fun - the antithesis of all the over designed perfor-

mance sequencers out there. Hands on. Happy accident friendly.



• 2x ‘step time’ CV / Gate sequencers.

• 4x trigger sequencers.

• External CV quantiser.

• Internal and external clocking.

• Pattern saving and loading.

• Spacious, performance oriented interface.

• All settings remain between power cycles.

• USB-C for quick and easy ‘drag and drop’ firmware updates via computer.

• Skiff friendly with reverse power protection.

• Made in England.

• Size: 32HP

• Power: +12v 50ma / -12v 10ma

• Depth: 32mm (approx)

• 0-5V 16 bit DAC outputs

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