Arturia Microfreak Hybrid Desktop Synth
Arturia Microfreak Hybrid Desktop Synth
Arturia Microfreak Hybrid Desktop Synth
Arturia Microfreak Hybrid Desktop Synth

Arturia Microfreak Hybrid Desktop Synth

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Digital Desktop Synth

Micro by name. Massive by nature. The Arturia MICROFREAK is a paraphonic hybrid synthesizer. It features a multi-mode digital oscillator which gives the MICROFREAK the huge sound of multiple synthesizers. The modes featured are analogue modelling, Karplus-strong to physical modelling and also a very special collaboration with the modular world to bring you the sound of the iconic Plaits from Mutable Instruments.

MICROFREAK features a rich 12dB/oct analogue filter that pairs beautifully with its sound creation capabilities. The sound possible from the MICROFREAK is vibrant, deep, and full of character. It also comes with a sequencer, a polyphonic touch plate keyboard - that offers full expression, CV, MIDI and USB connectivity.

The MICROFREAK synthesizer is powerful enough to keep veterans engaged but simple enough to make it the ideal beginner's synthesizer. Its attractive price point makes it a must-have, regardless.

The versatile digital oscillators in the MICROFREAK features varied modes, so you can create weird and wonderful sounds with ease. Modes like Texturer, Karplus strong, Harmonic OSC, and Superwave give the MICROFREAK huge range for creating your own interesting soundscapes. If you want an instrument that features an incredibly versatile sound set and don't want to be restrained by other more focused synths, then MICROFREAK's flexible and powerful synthesizer engine is ideal for this and loads of other applications.

Arturia have collaborated with Mutable Instruments to bring you Plaits. Plaits is an iconic module in the Eurorack world and is much-loved by the modular community. Now you can enjoy this beautiful sounding module in the form of a compact and performable hardware synthesizer.

Classic Filter, New Methods
Based on a classic 12db/Oct filter, the MICROFREAK can scream or whisper. This powerful state-variable filter can self-oscillate, giving your sound design new realms to explore. Modulate the cut off with keyboard pressure or even with the sequencer. The filter offers massive scope for adding that finishing touch to your sound design or for taking the edge of those abrasive wavetable sounds.

Expressive and Performative
The PCB keyboard featured on the MICROFREAK is rather strange to look at but what makes it stand out is the lightning-fast tracking and huge scope for expression. Route keyboard pressure to different parameters, or even control pressure sensitive software synths with the MIDI compatibility. It may not be the keyboard you are used to but it gives the MICROFREAK hugely expressive playability.

Multimode synth engine
128 factory presets
OLED screen
12dc/OCT filter
Features Plaits from Mutable Instruments
PCB keyboard

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