Bastl Instruments Dark Matter Eurorack Feedback Module

Bastl Instruments Dark Matter Eurorack Feedback Module

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Eurorack feedback module

Feedback everything. Add tonnes of flavour to your Eurorack. The Bastl Instruments and Casper Electronics Dark Matter is a useful and incredibly fun Eurorack module from the Czech manufacturers. At only 13hp in size, this relatively small module packs a huge punch. Using the Dark Matter you can explore the complex behaviours of amp circuits and push them to their limits. With four flavours of voltage controlled overdrive, there is a lot of sonic possibility inside the Dark Matter, and when added to your workflow, Dark Matter can give you a whole new range of colourful manipulation to your sound design.

Dark Matter offers up a serious amount of sonic possibility for your Eurorack. It works by exciting the audio in your signal flow to provide a fresh take on your sounds. The signals can be antagonised to their breaking point, it's perfect for adding a touch of distortion and overdrive to your basses or leads, or just for crushing a signal down for experimental jams. The feedbacks can be fed back into each other. Over and over, and it can all be CV controlled to give your output dynamism.

Big Beats
Using the Dark Matter on your percussion section can add impactful overdrives to your kicks and snares. Turbocharging your drums is perfect for adding aggression to your drums. Tweak the sound of your drums further using the crunchy 2 band EQ. When using Dark Matter on bass lines, you can add ducking effects to the signal to give them EDM friendly dynamism.

Control Everything
The Dark Matter is entirely CV controllable. You can add dynamism to any of the parameters found on the front panel of the Dark Matter. Because of this, you have lots of patching options and means Dark Matter has a very playable design. It's great for live and because of its versatility, you'll want to use it in every patch.

Excite audio signals to the breaking point with 4 flavours of voltage controlled overdrive
Turbo charge percussive hits and drum beats
Add sub-octave tones and timbrel richness to melodies and bass lines
Tweak your tone with a crunchy overdriving 2 band EQ
Add signal ducking and gating effects with the built in envelope follower
Go the feedback way and create meandering loops through your rack using the 10 I/O jacks
Input VCA with gain and soft clipping
Hyper drive switch for extra punch
2 band equaliser
Voltage controlled bass and treble boost/overdrive
Envelopes generated by INPUT signal
Outputs 0-5V. Normalised to FBK CV and X-FADE CV inputs
Low and High decay time switch
Input pre or post DRIVE switch
Envelope monitor LED
Voltage controlled feedback
High frequency “warning” LED
External feedback loop section
FBK OUT and FBK IN jacks
Output phase switch
FBK VCA in/out switch
Voltage controlled crossfade between input and feedback
Input pre/post drive crossfade switch
Dynamics envelope normalized to mix CV input

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