Befaco Bananuts (25 - Orange)

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Befaco Bananuts (25 - Orange)

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Coloured Replacment Nuts for Eurorack Modules



Bananuts are 3.5mm anodised aluminium custom nuts. Presented in eight colours and designed to provide your gear an extra layer of information and/or a touch of beauty!

These nuts have been designed from scratch, taking as inspiration some old-school slotted nuts and adding the colour schema of Buchla/Serge Banana systems.

In Befaco we are big fans of banana connectors, and wanted to bring the customisation and I/O colour coding capabilities they offer. If we cannot bring you the goodness of stack-ability and endurance of the connector, at least we bring you the colour!

Bananuts have been tested in quite a few modules and they just look gorgeous: they provide a new layer of information to your modular system, making patching more structured and fun.


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