Befaco MIDI Thing Eurorack Module

Befaco MIDI Thing Eurorack Module

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Eurorack MIDI - CV/GATE Module

MIDI Thing is a compact 4 channel Midi to CV/Gate interface featuring 12 bit conversion that allows V/Oct control with around 1 cent precision.

The module allows you to convert MIDI messages into CV/Gate signals, featuring several functional modes supporting multiple channels and polyphony as well as a drum trigger mode. With the simple press of a button you are able to change between modes, automatically detect MIDI channels, enter calibration mode and change several settings like clock resolutions or retrigger mode.

– Twelve different functional modes including Polyphonic, Monophonic and Drum modes
– Selectable clock resolutions: 48, 24, 12, 6 and 3 ppqn.
– Posibility to switch retriggering ON or OFF.
– Running clock mode to turn off clock processing when a STOP message arrives.
– Two different behaviours for ST/SP output.
– Improved user’s interface feedback, look and feel.

– Current needs: +12V: 32mA, -12V: 8mA
– Width: 6 HP
– Depth: 30 mm (inc. power connector)
– Aluminium, heat-treated front panel

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