Befaco Stmix Eurorack Stereo Mixer Module

Befaco Stmix Eurorack Stereo Mixer Module

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Eurorack Stereo Mixer Module

Stmix is a compact 4 channel stereo mixer with an Auxilliary input. This input will allow us to chain a few of them or to insert an extra fifth input.
This module is compatible with our Hexmix system, and can be internally connected to hexmix module to add the output of STMIX to your main mix.


– Four channels stereo inputs with volume control

– Aux input straight to the Mix out

– Level metter LEDs

– Connector in the back to interface with Hexmix module.


– Current needs: +12V: 8mA, -12V: 10mA

– Width: 6 HP

– Depth: 20 mm

– Alluminium, heat-treated front panel

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