Cosmotronic	Messor Eurorack Stereo Compressor & Transient Shaper Module

Cosmotronic Messor Eurorack Stereo Compressor & Transient Shaper Module

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Eurorack Stereo Compressor

Messor is a stereo compressor with lots of tricks up its sleeves. From gluing a mix together to squashing drums, sidechaining kicks and sculpting transients. It's a VCA based feed-forward compressor with a high quality low noise signal path. The magic happens in the internal sidechain that shapes the gain reduction envelope. There are the familiar controls of a compressor, attack, release, threshold, ratio and makeup gain, as well as a switchable high-pass / low-pass sidechain filter.

The ratio can go past limiting and into over-compression, which can completely reshape transients, a great tool for sound design. Being modular, of course there are CV inputs for Attack, Release and the Filter cutoff. The Gain CV controls the makeup gain, but also doubles as a Stereo VCA with the Gain knob off. The gain reduction envelope is also available, for turning filters or other VCA's into compressors for example. There's a bypass switch, and another Warm/Pure switch, that can bring in a bit of additional saturation and compression in the form of analog tube simulation circuitry. Lastly there's the possibility to insert an external sidechain, for that classic kick sidechain compression.

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