Doepfer A-101-2-V Eurorack Low Pass Gate Module (Vintage Black)

Doepfer A-101-2-V Eurorack Low Pass Gate Module (Vintage Black)

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Eurorack low pass gate module

A Low Pass Gate (LPG) can be a low pass filter, a VCA or a combination of both. This means both the harmonic content and volume can be controlled simultaneously which resembles the behaviour of many instruments: the louder, the more harmonics.

The A-101-2's mode of operation is set with a switch: left position is low pass, right is VCA and the combo mode is in the centre. Alternatively, you can activate the modes with gate signals which is the reason for two gate inputs; this is very interesting in combination with clock dividers or trigger sequencers.

- Gate 1 high & gate 2 low = low pass mode
- Gate 1 low & gate 2 high = VCA mode
- Both Gate 1 & 2 high = combo mode

The A-101-2 has an aggressive sound, compared to other LPGs and its resonance goes up to self-oscillation which not many LPGs offer. The oscillation is rather dirty and far from being a sine wave.

3U Eurorack module, 8HP wide, 50mm deep.

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