Doepfer A-115 Eurorack Audio Divider Module

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Doepfer A-115 Eurorack Audio Divider Module

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Eurorack Frequency Divider Module



Module A-115 is a four-way frequency divider. The frequency of a signal at the input is halved (half frequency = first sub-octave), quartered (1/4 frequency = second sub-octave), and so on. In this way, the DIVIDER produces four sub-octaves (F/2 down to F/16).
At the output, the A-115 produces a summed mix of the original and the four sub-octaves. There are attenuators to control the amount (ie. Amplitude) of the original signal and each of the sub-octaves.
Bear in mind that the sub-octaves output by the A-115 are all true square waves. At the output there are always four square waves and the original signal available.


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