Doepfer A-135-4C Eurorack Quad Envelope Follower Module

Doepfer A-135-4C Eurorack Quad Envelope Follower Module

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Eurorack quad envelope follower

The A-135-4C is composed of four envelope followers with adjustable attack and release. The circuit was designed to be used as an addition for the A-135-4A/B Performance Mixer, adding ducking, compressor and expander functions to the mixing system. However, thanks to a full set of inputs and outputs, it is also possible to employ the A-135-4C for other tasks.

The A-135-4C offers four identical envelope followers. Each modulator comes equipped with an audio input, attack and release potentiometers as well as a CV output. LEDs visualize control voltages generated by the module. The A-135-4C can be connected to the A-135-4A/B Performance Mixer via a Ribbon cable. Users are able to determine whether audio material gets tapped off directly after the input connectors, behind the gain stages or after the level control of the A-135-4A. By plugging in patch cables into the envelope follower’s inputs, the internal routing can be suspended.

Four audio inputs
Four CV outputs

3U Eurorack module, 8 HP wide

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