Doepfer A-142-2 Dual Envelope VCA Eurorack Module

Doepfer A-142-2 Dual Envelope VCA Eurorack Module

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Eurorack Envelope and VCA module

Module A-142-2 contains two envelope controlled VCAs behind a front panel with 8 HP only. Each of the two sub-units is the combination of a simple AD/ADSR/AR envelope generator and a VCA. The type of envelope can be selected by means of a toggle switch:
AD: Attack-Decay
AR: Attack-Release
ADSR: Attack-Decay-Sustain-Release with the limitation that Decay Time = Release Time and fixed Sustain level (factory setting 50%)
Each sub-unit provides these controls and in/outputs:

LED control (envelope display)
Attack (A), manual control
Decay/Release (D/R), manual control
Mode switch (AD, AR, ADSR)
Audio level control (small control without knob)
CVT Input (CVT = CV Time)
CV Ducking input
Attenuator for CVT (small control without knob)
Gate Input
Manual Gate (momentary switch)
Audio Input
Audio Output
Envelope Output The Envelope Output of version 1 has been cancelled for the benefit of the new CV Duck input. But there is an internal pin header available that has available the envelope signal (0...+10V) and the CV input of the VCA (0...+10V). Ex works the pins are shortened by a jumper but can be used for modifications (envelope output, VCA CV input).

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