Doepfer	A-198 Trautonium Ribbon Controller & Eurorack Module (Set)

Doepfer A-198 Trautonium Ribbon Controller & Eurorack Module (Set)

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Ribbon Controller and Module

Module A-198 is a Trautonium Manual resp. Ribbon Controller. The controlling element of the A-198 is a linear position sensor (length about 50 cm) that has available a pressure sensor too.

A-198 is made of two units: module and manual. The module contains the electronics that is required to derive the CV and gate signals from the data coming from the manual (i.e. position of the finger and applied pressure). These signals can be used to control other modules like VCOs, VCFs, VCAs or envelope generators. The manual is composed of a position sensor and a pressure sensor. The sensors are located in a separate black coated metal frame. The connection between the module and the manual is made by a 4 pin cable (same as used for USB, but it's not allowed to connect USB devices to these sockets !).

Touching the sensor with a finger generates a control voltage CV1 that is proportional to the position of the finger. The scale (i.e. the relation between position difference and voltage difference) is adjustable with a potentiometer at the front panel. The Hold switch is used to determine if the CV voltage is held after removing the finger (Hold = on) or if the CV voltage jumps to 0V (Hold = off). In the last case (Hold = off) a gate signal is derived from the CV voltage whenever a finger touches the sensor (e.g. for triggering an envelope generator). When Hold is active no gate signal is generated !
A sensitive pressure sensor located below the position sensor generates a second control voltage CV2 that increases with higher pressure of the finger. Even for CV2 the scale is adjustable. A second gate signal is triggered as soon as the pressure exceeds a certain value. The gate threshold is adjustable at the front panel.

Typical applications:

Trautonium manual, the string is replaced by the position sensor that is much easier to use and cheaper than the string. In combination with the Subharmonic Oscillator A-113, the Trautonium Filter A-104 and some auxiliary modules a complete Trautonium replica may be realized. In combination with the Quantizer A-156 exact semitone intervals are possible. More details about the Trautonium principles are available on our web site.

Ribbon Controller for any A-100 parameter (e.g. pitch, filter frequency, loudness, panorama, speed, modulation depth and so on)

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