DPW Design D-2 Eurorack 4-Band Distortion Module

DPW Design D-2 Eurorack 4-Band Distortion Module

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Eurorack Distortion Module

The MÖG D2 is a multi band distortion/overdrive/pre-amp eurorack module. Completely analog. It is designed to behaves similar to 4 parallel tube amps, one for each frequency band. Low, Low Mid, High Mid and High.

It takes eurorack levels and works as a guitar or bass pre-amp. You could also connect line level equipment like normal synths in to it to bring them to eurorack levels.

It can be used as everything from a warm pre-amp or mild overdrive to heavy metal distortion with individual drive setting for each band.

The overdrive/distortion bands has originally been selected mainly with bass in mind to target what I think are the sweet spots. But it also works really well with synth, guitar or any other media if you want to give it a bit of a vintage tone.

The benefits of the multi band approach is that you don’t get a sound that just clogges up the lower mid range when you turn up the distortion. You can still control the low end and not lose the fat bottom of your sound, as clean or distorted as you like. You could decide to let through some of the high end relatively unaffected to still have the snappy transients that heavy distortion otherwise would compress away.

The decision to have two separate mid range bands is so you can sculpt your sound more there, as there is a lot of interesting things happening in the mid range.

See the manual for a more in depth description and patch examples.

Device specs

Module size: 10 hp wide, 29 mm deep with power connector.

Input impedance: 100 kohm for In and On. 3 Mohm for the Hi-Z.

Power requirements:

+12V. Max power consumption 25 mA.

-12V. Max power consumption 15 mA.

Connect the power cable with the red stripe towards the -12V marking on the board.

The unit is protected for reverse power.

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