Electro-Smith Daisy Field Programmable Desktop Synth

Electro-Smith Daisy Field Programmable Desktop Synth

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Programmable Desktop Synth

Create a mono-synth, drum machine, or MIDI sequencer with the Field! It works as a great development tool, or handy small-form synth to take with you on the go. Comes with Daisy installed and 9V power adapter.

Resources: Documentation, and examples are hosted on our GitHub repository for easy download. All firmware that we develop is released for free under a permissive open source license(MIT). Check out the getting started wiki page!

Control Voltage Interface Patch-Bay and TRS MIDI Input and Output
Built In Headphone Amplifier with Dedicated Volume Control.
1/4” Line Level Inputs and Outputs
x8 Knobs
LED Push-Button Keyboard Interface
SD Card Slot, and Secondary Micro USB Port

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