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Elektrofon Klang Eurorack 4 Voice CV Quantiser Module

Elektrofon Klang Eurorack 4 Voice CV Quantiser Module

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One of the most beautiful Eurorack modules we've ever seen.

«Klang» is a 4 voice polyphonic controller.
It stores, traverses and manipulates chord progressions.

Encoders controll each of the 4 voices in the chord. Turning one knob will rotate the corresponding indicator on the OLED display – showing which CV value that particular channel will produce at its output.

The OLED display shows a realtime visualization of the 4 voices. The indicators points to a note on the clock face, and a number on each indicator lets you know the octave of the note. A status display at the bottom shows what chord is currently active, and the total chord count in the chord progression.

The central encoder under the screen lets you browse the chords, and set the active chord. Holding this encoder down will activate «tuning mode» and set every note to middle C – letting you tune your oscilators easily. The module goes back to its previous state upon release.

The - button will delete the currently active chord.

The + button will add a chord after the active chord. The new chord is set as the active chord.

There are three control voltage inputs.

⇥ Takes a trigger or gate signal, and advances the chord progression according to the CV value of the ↤↦ input.

↤↦ Takes a bipolar CV signal, and decides the direction and amount of steps a step trigger will produce. 0V will result in no progression. The ↤↦ input is normalized to 1 step in the forwards direction.

⟳ Takes a bipolar CV, and transposes the current chord according to the voltage given.

There are four output CVs for each voice (note).

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