Embodme Erae Touch MPE Configurable Midi Control Surface

Embodme Erae Touch MPE Configurable Midi Control Surface

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MPE Configurable Midi Control Surface

What is Erae Touch ?

This innovative control interface is a Midi Polyphonic Expression (MPE) pad controller sensitive to finger touch, percussion mallets, drum sticks or anything that comes to your mind. The ERAE Touch versatility is suited for demanding artists looking for a large surface to create and experiment. Built for creative professionals and confirmed musicians, it is very responsive to a wide range of musical gestures and offers a wide array of creative possibilities.


Multitouch tracking

It can support x,y,z tracking of up to 10 simultaneous points of contact with low latency (~1ms) for real-time live performances. The surface is made of soft silicone allowing for smooth transitions with very precise and flawless transitions. This midi controller enables musical touch such as vibratos, portamentos and aftertouch.



The built-in array of 1,000+ Force Sensors and RGB LEDs coupled with the configuration software the ERAE Lab, allows for any configuration with up to 32 layouts stored on the device in standalone mode. The ERAE Lab offers the ability to customize your pad with various musical elements such as faders, xyz pads, isomorphic grids or multi-track step sequencers. It will also come with several pre-made settings and offer the ability to share your templates with other users. 


Silicone skin

Erae Touch is pressure sensitive. Only a semi-rigid material enables smooth pressure variations while providing the sensation of deforming the material. Remember the coating paint does not like detergent!


Global workflow
ERAE Touch can be configured in countless ways with its companion software, the Lab. Graphical and intuitive, it takes seconds to create a “Layout”, which can be a keyboard, a keygrid (inspired by isomorphic keyboards), a drumpad, a sequencer and more. It can also be a combination of all these elements. Up to 32 layouts can be stored in 16 slots, each slot having a “Main'' and an “Alt” mode. Each layout can be edited in the Lab with midi channel settings, velocity curves, control change values, colors, sizes and many more options. 

To ensure a playful experience and workflow with the Lab, we have added as many options as we thought was necessary for every element. For instance, Scale selection can be pre-configured on the Lab, but editable on the ERAE Touch within a click. Similarly, control changes are pre-configurable on the Lab but you can also map them directly from the pad. Remember that scale changes will only affect the current displayed layout, and if there are several elements in one Layout, it will affect the last touched element. Selecting a mapping mode is similarly affiliated with one layout and the last touched element if there are several in one layout.

There are two functionalities you cannot access from the Lab: The “calibration mode”(the instrument tuning equivalent for the ERAE Touch), and the FX Bar. MIDI effects are applicable on any layouts apart from the Ableton Launchpad. As for the FX Bar, octave up/down buttons are global to any layouts. 





USB Type C to A cable
MIDI ⅛" TRS to DIN adapter
Power supply
Connecting plate hardware (screws, washers)



42x25 FSR sensor matrix with custom interpolation system-
100 um XY precision
2kHz internal stroke speed detection
Global latency <1ms



42x24 18 bit RGB LED5 configurables tact switches



Molded silicone rubber body
Aluminium backpanel



2.5 Kg



Width: 404mm (15’’) Length:244mm (9.6’’)
Height: 16.5 5mm (0.6’’)



Upgradeable firmware through ERAE LAB



ERAE Lab: Configuration Software
Compatibility from Mac 10.14, Windows 10 and Ubuntu 20.04



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