Faderfox PC4 MIDI Controller

Faderfox PC4 MIDI Controller

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Midi Controller

PC4 is a universal controller for all kinds of midi controllable hard- and software.

The device has 24 standard pots with rubber knobs designed in a 4 x 6 matrix. Various kinds of midi commands like control change, pitchbend and program change are possible.

Of course you can assign the pots to any of these commands by learning incoming midi commands like software it does. The pots work with standard resolution of 7 bit to have full compatibility to any software and hardware instruments, effects and DAW’s. Use the internal 16 setups to save your individual settings. Backup and restore of all settings by sysex dumps is possible too.


The factory settings are perfect to control music and video software products out of the box if they are freely assignable. So any additional device programming isn’t necessary for many applications.


A special feature is the switchable snap function for all pots. This simple function is very rare on standard midi controllers with pots. It avoids possible annoying value jumps.

Three switchable midi routings makes the unit much more flexible for complex midi setups.

Simultaneous control of external gear and software instruments is no problem for the PC4 due to the available USB and MIDI ports.


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Universal controller for all kinds of midi controllable hard- and software
iPad compatible with camera connection kit
USB interface with bus powering - class compliant / no driver necessary (consumption < 500mW)
MIDI in and out ports with routing and merge functionality
24 pots with rubber knobs and standard midi resolution of 7bit
Fast pot assign by incoming midi commands like control change (CC), pitch bend, program change
Switchable snap function for all pots to avoid value jumps
16 setups with backup and restore functions
Very compact design in a black casing (180x105x70 mm, 350 g)

System requirements

PC or Mac with a free USB port (1.0 or higher) or a USB hub (connection by inclosed USB cable)
iPad with iOS5 or higher (connection by apples camera connection kit)
MIDI device with standard midi in port (5pin DIN socket connection by enclosed adapter cable)
USB power adapter (5V min 200mA) if you want to control only midi gear

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