Five12 Jack Eurorack Expander Module (Vector)

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Five12 Jack Eurorack Expander Module (Vector)

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Eurorack expander module for Vector sequencer



With the Jack Expander, you can add four more analog output sets, each consisting of pitch, gate and velocity connectors, to your Vector sequencer. In addition, the module features eight bi-directional trigger sockets, a MIDI DIN input and output plus DIN Sync ports. You can freely assign all these connectors to the sequencer’s tracks.

The Jack Expander adds more analog outputs, MIDI-DIN jacks and DIN sync input plus output to the Vector.

Four analog output sets, each consists of Pitch, Gate and Velocity connectors
Eight bi-directional Trigger sockets
MIDI DIN input and output
DIN Sync input and output

3U Euroack Module


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