Folktek Modular Synesthesia Eurorack Quad Envelope Generator Module (Copper)

Folktek Modular Synesthesia Eurorack Quad Envelope Generator Module (Copper)

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Four individual envelope followers accept audio signal and convert to control voltage. For those new to envelope followers, they convert audio to control voltage based on the volume of the audio, creating a cv envelope that follows. These are incredibly useful tools and allow for a world of exploration and with the audio through, a source of cv signals that can be utilized as you see fit without taking anything from the audio mix. For anyone utilizing the Resonant Garden or Nano Garden, this is an especially wondeful tool for generating cv or even clock signals with the audio of the garden. Pairing with Listen is also highly recommended if you're interested in generating cv from acoustic sources.

Each part has audio input, audio thru, cv output, level control to determine cv output and lights which signify both audio input signal and separate cv output signal (dimming when cv output level is lowered).

- audio input (accepts most any range).

- audio thru: allows audio to output uneffected. Use in the chain without stealing any signals or having to multiply.

- cv output: sends 0-5v based on incoming audio and attenuation of the cv

- level: determines the strength of the cv output

- input light: shows the incoming audio signal level/envelope

- output light: shows the cv output level/envelope


ma +12v

0 ma -12v

0 ma 5v

10HP width

25mm depth

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