Future Sound Systems TG3 Gristleizer Eurorack VCF Module

Future Sound Systems TG3 Gristleizer Eurorack VCF Module

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The Gristleizer Filter presents one of the key components of the Gristleizer in a Eurorack module - its JFET-controlled multi-feedback band-pass filter. Its characteristics are not unlike a wah-wah pedal, whilst also being able to create other vocal tonalities, especially with several summed in parallel. Whilst originally controlled by the Gristleizer's oscillator, the TG3 can be controlled by any control source available in a Eurorack system.

As well as a couple of Frequency control inputs, the TG3 also adds Register and Resonance controls to the original filter circuit. The Register control shifts the resonant frequency of the filter core itself, whereas the Frequency control affects the gating of the filter's JFET. The Resonance control allows the circuit to self-oscillate easily, allowing for the TG3 to be used as a sound source as well as a filter. The TG3 also incorporates a Drive parameter (with final clipping circuitry added for taming the filter core) as well as an output Level control.

Technical specifications:

  • Module width: 8HP 
  • Module depth: 26mm behind 2mm aluminium front panel 
  • Current consumption: 13mA on +12V, 14mA on -12V 
  • Minimum resonant frequency: 240Hz 
  • Maximum resonant frequency: 11.7kHz
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