Happy Nerding 2xSAM Eurorack Dual Attenuator/Mixer Module (Black)

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Eurorack Stereo Attenuator Module

2xSAM is 4 HP Dual Stereo Attenuator-Mixer

– Separate stereo outputs for attenuator duties

– Stereo mixer output

– Optional 5x gain for each input to raise line levels to modular amplitude (jumpers on the backside)

– Clean (low noise and distortion) performance

– Right inputs are normalled to Left inputs for easy mono operation

– AC coupled inputs

– Several 2xSAMs can be chained together or with other HN stereo modules via sockets on the back side.

2xSAM’s total mix stereo output can be internally sent to the Isolator, PanMix Jr, 3xStereo Mixer, or can be received from OUT, PanMix, PanMix Jr, 3xStereo Mixer, or another 2xSAM.

27 mA +12V
27 mA – 12V
35 mm Depth
4 HP wide

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