Herbs & Stones Gentle Wham Drum & Drone Synth

Herbs & Stones Gentle Wham Drum & Drone Synth

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Desktop Drum Synth

Gentle Wham is a six voice analog drum synthesiser module designed to be sequencer by any type of cv/gate generating instrument.

It can also be played by finger drumming on the dedicated buttons, or it can be used as a six voice drone synthesiser by pushing the buttons for a longer time.

These six voices flow together through a master 2-pole resonant filter/isolator with low pass and high pass response selectable via a blend knob.

Each channel has a mute switch and its own dedicated output, by inserting a cable into the output jack the relative voice will be excluded from the master output.

Gentle Wham can synthesise a wide bouquet of sounds: from warehouse-shaking kick drums to harsh metallic precessions, via a ore classic palette of hi hats, rim shots, snare drums and tom toms.

The Gentle Wham drum synthesiser is powered by the included universal 9v center-negative power supply.

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