Herbs & Stones Liquid Foam Synthesizer

Herbs & Stones Liquid Foam Synthesizer

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Desktop Analog Groovebox

Liquid Foam is a modular monophonic analog groovebox that revolves around a dual sequencer designed to encourage complex pattern exploration.

By making connections with banana-type patch cables it can generate anything from straightforward 4/4 loops to ever-changing byzantine synth lines, off-key tantrums and organic percussive phrases.

At the core there’s an analog VCO with two stages of waveshaping, a decay-only EG that can be inverted any step, a 2-pole resonant low pass VCF and a CMOS-based final overdrive stage.

Liquid Foam can sync with virtually any other machine via its clock input mini jack and it sends a 5v clock out/through pulse for further syncing and chaining.

The Boss-style (center negative) 9v DC power adaptor is not included.

Please note, you will also need some Buchla style banana patch cables, available sepereatle on the Signal Sounds site.

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