Hexinverter Electronique MindPhaser Eurorack Complex Oscillator Module

Hexinverter Electronique MindPhaser Eurorack Complex Oscillator Module

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It's Complex and Simple at the same time.


Building on the familiar dual VCO core arrangement of Carrier and Modulator, Mindphaser is a complex oscillator which departs from this bit of ancestral DNA with a modern toolkit focused on searing, phase-modulated leads, percussive basslines and other-worldly effects!

A diverse palette of intermodulation and harmonic experimentation is offered through the Modulation Bus, its unique Waveshaper and the dedicated Thru-zero Phase Modulation Bus. An intuitive interface provides colour-coded visual feedback and responsive indication while performing in dimly-lit environments.


  • Precision, wide-range V/oct ramp cores, each ranging from deep subsonic to supersonic frequencies (ramp cores, and not triangular, deliver the ideal waveforms for analog phase accumulation in the TZ-PM Bus)
  • Each core generates fundamental waveshapes which interact and mangle one-another through the complex Modulation Bus and TZ-PM bus
  • Simultaneous waveform outputs for each base shape
  • Dedicated button to toggle between RAMP or SAW for each core, inverting the phase of the ramp output
  • V/oct, linear FM and exponential FM inputs which are all independent of the TZ-PM functionality. The Carrier's FM occurs inside the core itself, separate from the TZ-PM bus.
  • DC-coupled linear FM


The heartbeat of Mindphaser, focused on audio-rate generation. Drives the WAVESHAPER and TZ-PM bus. This core’s frequency range spans the audible spectrum
- An external hard SYNC IN forcibly resets the core, useful for punchy sequences, percussive basslines and drum synthesis -- or to sync to another VCO
- Coarse and fine controls conveniently span the audible spectrum. Ranges further with external CV


An extremely wide range oscillator, spanning from deep LFO frequencies all the way up to supersonic sound! Four base waveforms and diverse internal routing options form a versatile palette of modulations for the CARRIER to feed on
- Activating hard SYNC on the Modulator locks its core to the Carrier’s heartbeat. The effect can be dramatic. Try this while phase modulating!
- Octave RANGE switch lets you quickly flick up and down between octaves. All the way beyond audio-rate and LFO speed octaves. Perfect for experimenting with different PM sidebands and taming the wide frequency range of the Modulator
- Manual PW (Pulse Width) control and dedicated CV input for PWM


This isn’t a classic waveshaper! Developed anew from the ground up, this waveshaper is focused on deep harmonic experimentation and audio obliteration. Each waveshaper parameter is capable of being "turned up to 11".

  • FOLD up to 5 octaves above the fundamental Carrier frequency. A ceiling forms at maximum, imparting additional harmonics
  • FEEDBACK the waveshaped and phase-modulated audio through a signal path internal to the waveshaper
  • AMPLITUDE modulation spans thru-zero, allowing for full-range ring modulation effects with bipolar CV or audio signals
  • CLIP the final stage of amplitude with the switch to introduce a last stage of harmonics before the complex signal exits through the final OUT
  • Switchable inverting attenuators on each CV input, for quickly inverting the behaviour of your modulation. The indicator illuminates red to tell you the attenuator has been inverted


A press of the shape switch toggles Mindphaser between RAMPOID (green) and TRIANGULAR (yellow) waveshaping modes.

These modes have a remarkable effect on the behaviour of wavefolding and overall character of the final complex OUT, in addition to TZ-PM Bus character.

  • RAMPOID mode folds more asymmetrically, with raucous, buzzing harmonic artefacts as you sweep and introduce TZ-PM
  • TRIANGULAR mode folds more symmetric, splitting the complex sine wave at its peak centre of the waveform. TZ-PM character is less raucous, and more smooth.


Thru-zero phase modulation in the ANALOG realm! Unlike its digital counterpart, analog TZ-PM has its own character we’ve come to expect from analog circuitry!

  • A dedicated, voltage-controlled phase modulation bus completely separate from the Mod Bus
  • Modulator's SINE wave normalled to the PM SOURCE input
  • SOURCE input allows you to modulate phase with any signal you patch in
  • Dedicated voltage-controlled INDEX (amount)
  • Manual phase lets you zero in (or not!) on the base phase before introducing modulation
  • Independent of the Linear FM circuitry in the Carrier core


The internal modulation powerhouse, normally fed by the Modulator core, but external signals are patchable as well.

  • Select from the PULSE, RAMP/SAW or SINE output of the MODULATOR, or inject your own SOURCE to the bus
  • Voltage-controlled INDEX behaves like a macro control when combined with various amounts and polarities dialed in at each CV destination
  • Internal sends include the Carrier's classic Linear FM, Amplitude, Feedback and TZ-PM Index, with variable amounts and polarities!
  • Modulator waveforms internally feeding the Mod Bus behave unipolarly, for predictable modulation of every Mod Bus destination, without external patching. By patching in one of the Modulator's bipolar waveform outputs manually (or any external signal), you can override this behaviour.
30 HP
24 mm deep
Current Draw
110 mA +12V
100 mA -12V
0 mA 5V
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