Industrial Music Electronics Argos Bleak Eurorack Quantizer Module

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Argos Bleak is a control voltage processor and oscillator driver with two inputs and four (count 'em, four) outputs. Its per-channel octave, detune, vibrato, and slew controls facilitate full performance control of four oscillators at once, with minimum patch cords required. It excels at bringing multiple oscillators from different manufacturers into full cooperation, with the flexibility to quickly switch between multiple performance setups. Processed control voltages are quantized to the scale of your choice, with the slew limiting able to be routed pre- or post-quantizer. A short CV delay effect can be used instead of the slew limiter, per channel. The CV I/O can also be routed from one channel to the next, for mixing slew and delay effects, obtaining longer delay times, or experimenting with extreme control feedback effects. A common vibrato control distributes the internal modulation signal to any of the outputs. A set of performance gate inputs allow instant modification of the fundamental channel settings (input selection/mixing, slew enable, quantizer track-and-hold), and a quantizer trigger output automatically fires when channel 1 quantizes a new note. Each channel may receive its data from either (or a sum or difference) of the CV inputs, so you may run two completely independent CV processing streams, or combine the input data and switch it around using the external gate input.

• 2 1v/oct calibrated CV inputs
• 4 oscillator CV outputs (0-8V)
• Diatonic scale quantizer from Stillson Hammer mkII. All scale modes and some smaller chords are available, as well as 12-tone and unquantized options.
• Octave, detune, slew, and vibrato controls per channel. CV delay effect new in firmware 1.3.
• Master vibrato send/frequency controls with CV input
• Per-channel semitone offset (pre-quantizer), storable as chord preset
• 2 banks of 16 chord presets each. Chords may be manually changed or switched by CV input (0-5V).
• Each bank of chords features its own storable global settings (scale, performance input controls, vibrato phases)
• 3 performance gate inputs for remotely toggling input selection, slew, and quantizer units.
• Quantizer trigger output
• 15HP
• +210/-40mA current draw

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