Instruo Cnoc Eurorack Function Generator Module (Cnōc)

Instruo Cnoc Eurorack Function Generator Module (Cnōc)

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Eurorack Function Generator 

The Instruō cnōc is a versatile, fully analog voltage-controlled function generator with advanced features. It offers AR, ASR, and Looping modes, external control of attack and release stages, unipolar and bipolar outputs, an assignable gate output, a manual trigger button, slew limiting functionality, and two response curve settings. It is ideal for use as a general envelope generator, LFO, delayed gate signal, or slew limiter for adding portamento to pitch sequences.

cnōc | noun (landscape) a natural elevation or raised landscape; an accumulated heap or mound


  • AR, ASR, and Looping envelope modes
  • External control over Attack and Release stages
  • Unipolar positive and bipolar outputs
  • Assignable gate output
  • Manual trigger button
  • Slew limiting functionality
  • Two response curve settings


Depth: 27mm


+12V: 45mA
–12V: 40mA

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