Instruo Vinca Eurorack VCA Module

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Instruo Vinca Eurorack VCA Module

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Eurorack Chainable Dual VCA



More than just a dual vca the vincâ can be a controller, mixer, ring modulator,
compressor, signals can be scaled, offset, amplified, attenuated and all CV controllable.
The top channel features a four-quadrant VCA with attenuverters over both modulator
and carrier signals. The lower channel interpolates from linear to exponential response
and has a full length fader for optimum performability.
The two vca's can be switched to operate in series or in parallel opening up a surprising
number of routing capabilities. The vincâ also features back jacks allowing them to be
daisy chained across a system ad infinitum to form a multi-channel mixing/routing
eco-system. With nothing plugged in each channel also has a normalised DC reference
voltage at its output which can be scaled to give you full fader control over anything
from -/+10V.


• Four quadrant multiplier (ring modulator)
• Linear/Exponential VCA
• 2 channel mixing
• CV scale and offset
• Back Jacks!


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