Intellijel Pedal I/O Jacks Eurorack 1U Module

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Intellijel Pedal I/O Jacks Eurorack 1U Module

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Eurorack 1U Pedal Interface



The Pedal I/O 1U system enables the modular synthesist to interact with the impressive assortment of delays, choruses, flangers, phasers, fuzz boxes, tremolos, wah-wahs, amp simulators, compressors and pitch shifter pedals available to guitarists. Conversely, it also grants guitarists access to the myriad filters, ring mods, wavefolders and — most importantly — the near infinite CV modulation delights inherent in eurorack. The Pedal I/O is more than just a simple level shifter — it’s also an impedance converter, which provides proper drive and loading for any FX pedals or instruments you connect.

The Pedal Interface 1U module connects either to the Pedal I/O Jacks 1U module, or directly to our 7U cases using the 7U Case Adaptor. Two Pedal Interface modules can be connected to a 7U case in this manner, with one taking the left input and output on the case, while other takes the right.

Use the Pedal I/O’s RETURN circuit as a “direct box” for connecting any instrument.
Signals arriving at the Pedal I/O System pass through a Class A triode emulator, allowing for some tube-like overdrive at high gain setting.
Separate gain controls on both the SEND and RETURN.
Use Pedal I/O in the studio as an active “re-amping” device to play pre-recorded tracks back through guitar amplifiers or pedals.
Low MIX output impedance for driving long cables, lower noise, and minimum interference from outside sources.


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