Intellijel Performance Eurorack Case - Powered (7U - 104hp - Black)

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2 rows of 104hp plus a row of 1U all in a super light and super strong aluminium case. Limited edition Black model.

Eurorack Case in Black, 7U 104hp

Colour: Stealth Black

Connectors are located on the rear of the case for use with intellijel 1U modules:
MIDI input, output and thru connections
USB port
2x 6.3 mm Jack input
2x 6.3 mm Jack output

28 power headers for Eurorack modules
Power supply: +12V / 3000 mA, 12V / 3000 mA, + 5V / 1500 mA

External dimensions (W x H x D): 312 x 165 x 546 mm
Internal dimensions: width: 3x 104 HP, height: 2x 3U, 1x 1U
Internal depth for modules: 70 mm
Weight: 3.8 kg

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