Intellijel Planar 2 Eurorack Vector Mixer Module

Intellijel Planar 2 Eurorack Vector Mixer Module

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Eurorack Joystick Module

The Intellijel Planar MKII is an enjoyable little module bringing with it all the fun of tweaking and experimenting that all us modular users love. Planar MKIIs most impressive new feature is the ability to record CV, allowing you to record joystick movements as well as button presses, and have them loop and play back. Featuring a 360-degree joystick, the Intellijel Planar MKII can be integrated with multiple modules such as a filter, delay, LFO, panner and more, making it a great module for live performance.

Planar MKII's all new feature lets you record for a long period of time and at a good resolution. The X and Y CV outputs can be patched into external modules. You can press the record button to record movements from the joystick and play them back, or loop them. As the loop plays, different gestures are recorded and played back via the Planar's recording interface. Additionally, the Planar features a trigger button which can also be recorded alongside the joystick movements. On top of that, the Intellijel Planar MKII lets you map the CV of the X and Y to polar coordinates so you can have things move around based on angle and radius not just Cartesian X and Y.

The joystick can be used for a variety of things including mixing, panning, or even getting creative and using sequencers, filters and more. Four sources can be plugged into inputs A, B, C and D, allowing you to rotate the joystick to any position to mix between the four sources. When positioned into a corner you will isolate that specific source, or you can position it towards the middle to create a blend of all the four sources. The joystick can pivot and rotate fully on its base around the whole axis, enabling you to take complete control over your mixing.

  • Synced CV recording
  • Record and loop joystick movements and button presses
  • 360-degree joystick
  • Four input sources for joystick movement
  • Map the CV of X and Y to polar coordinates
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