Intellijel Steppy Eurorack Gate Sequencer Module (3U)

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Intellijel Steppy Eurorack Gate Sequencer Module (3U)

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Eurorack Gate Sequencer Module



Four tracks - with completely separate sequencing. The Intellijel Steppy 4-Track 64 Step Programmable Gate Sequencer is a powerful sequencing module that brings a lot of compositional possibilities to your modular synthesizer.

Across four completely separate tracks you can; set the range from 1 - 64 steps, set gate length, control delay, and change swing time - just to name a few. Just program your sequence by adding steps on the grid or tap them in as the sequence is moving. No need to stop the sequencer if you need to change it, simply add or drop sequencing points whenever you need to. Sequences can be cleared without clearing playback parameters, and all sequences can be saved as a preset to one of eight internal memory slots.

Steppy is ideal if you need a highly performable sequencing module that won't hold back any compositional elements. Take full control of your modular music.


  • 4-track programmable step sequencer
  • Eight internal memory slots
  • Clock divider per track
  • Swing setting per track
  • Delay setting per track
  • Gate legth per track
  • Live or step programming

Width: 8hp


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