Konstant Lab ZDROJ Eurorack Internal Linear Power Supply PSU 230V

Konstant Lab ZDROJ Eurorack Internal Linear Power Supply PSU 230V

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Eurorack Power Solution

"This is a DIY kit for exerienced electrical engineers used to working wth Mains Electricity"

ZDROJ offers no-compromise power supply for the eurorack modular synth system. ZDROJ is designed with a straight focus on minimizing all external interference that might influence your whole setup.

ZDROJ circuit is completely analog with linear regulation, which causes minimal interference to the secondary side of power supply. Primary side contains an LC filter, which removes interference from 230V AC mains. Toroidal transformer with a metal cover is the key element to minimize electromagnetic interference. Metal cover shields electromagnetic field around the transformer. Many electronic parts are of SMD origin . ZDROJ is made on quality PCB with copper thickness of 70 μm, which ensures high reliability and minimal losses on PCB routes. Contains prewired IEC inlet with switch attached as an accessory for your maximum safety.

DIMENSIONS 27 × 8.6 × 5 cm
2400 g
+12V / 1.5A
-12V / 1.5A
+5V / 0.7A
max 4.8mVpp on 100% load (20MHz BW)
230V AC (120V on request)
2x 16 pin IDC for flat cable
WAGO spring terminals
Input filter
Output overvoltage
Output short circuit – automatic recovery
Output over current – automatic recovery
Thermal protection – automatic recovery
All output protections are independent for each rail
70µm cooper thickness on PCB
LEDs indicate present and drop of output voltage
Prewired IEC inlet with switch attached
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