Korg ModWave Wavetable 37 Key Synth
Korg ModWave Wavetable 37 Key Synth
Korg ModWave Wavetable 37 Key Synth
Korg ModWave Wavetable 37 Key Synth
Korg ModWave Wavetable 37 Key Synth
Korg ModWave Wavetable 37 Key Synth
Korg ModWave Wavetable 37 Key Synth
Korg ModWave Wavetable 37 Key Synth

Korg ModWave Wavetable 37 Key Synth

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Keyboard Wavetable Synth

KORG have revived the historic DW-8000, a synth that combined digital waveforms with analogue filters to give unique sound design possibilities.

Modwave has its roots in the DW-8000, with added power and functionalities: rich wavetable oscillators, gorgeous filters, wildly flexible modulation, comprehensive pattern sequencing and a control panel featuring a Kaoss Physics pad - giving you immediate hands-on sound design avenues.


Infinite sound possibilities with 200 built-in wavetables, each containing 64 waveforms
Kaoss Physics, an x/y Kaoss pad with modulatable game physics to create a fun, interactive controller
Motion Sequencing 2.0, an evolution of the Wave Sequencing from the Wavestate, for continuously evolving patterns, multiple lanes and real-time recording
Analogue modelling filters: choose from the MS-20 Lowpass or Highpass filter, the Polysix Lowpass, 2-pole and 4-pole Lowpass, Highpass, Bandpass, and Band Reject filters or KORG’s signature Multi Filter and a reproduction of guitar pedals
More than 30 Modifiers and 13 Morph Types to change the character of the waves and process them in real-time
Load your custom wavetables in Serum or WaveEdit formats
32-voice polyphony
Wide range of effects, from the classic compressor and EQ to the characteristic Waveshaper, Talking Modulator, Reverse Delay, Multiband Mod Delay, and Overb.
Easy and intuitive knob-per-function interface


wavemod is a wavetable synth that puts endless creative possibilities in your hands. Start from more than 200 built-in wavetables, each containing 64 waveforms, import your own in Serum or WaveEdit format, or create brand new ones from scratch.

Each program features two independent oscillators, as well as a sub/noise generator oscillator that can be modelled through one of the dozen available filter types. These are taken from KORG’s distinctive filter sounds like the MS-20 and the Polysix.

What’s more, 30 modifiers and 13 morph types will help you carve out your own unique sound even more.


The filter section deserves an honourable mention. Wavemod includes incredible analogue filtering options, all modelled on KORG’s signature filters from a multitude of eras.

You can choose from the aggressive MS-20 or the sweeter Polysix, all improved with gain control options to dial in the resonance. For even more creativity, you can explore a variety of resonant 2-pole or 4-pole Lowpass, Highpass, Multiband and Band Reject filters, as well as KORG’s Multi Filter that unleashes their full combined power.


The wavemod includes 2 new brand features to set your sound in motion. Motion Sequencing 2.0 departs from wavestate’s Wave Sequencing 2.0 and takes it to a brand new level. Timing, Pitch, Shape, and four sets of Step Sequence values are separated into “Lanes,” each with its own loop start and loop end.

Every time the sequence moves, these lanes are combined to create the output, resulting in organic, ever-changing sounds that can be controlled through LFO’s, modifiers, effects and more.

The modwave also integrates Kaoss Physics, with an x/y mini Kaoss pad boasting an intuitive interface picturing a ball rolling on a surface and/or bouncing on and off walls. Set the ball in motion sliding your finger or with a trigger, such as gate + damper. This opens up an alternative modulation world that goes beyond the traditional LFOs and envelopes.

All the parameters, such as speed and behaviour, can be modulated externally or internally via the Kaoss Physics output, to create complex musical results.


The modwave comes with a diverse collection of music software to help you take your music to the next level. Use Reason Lite for song creation, Izotope's “Ozone Elements” for AI-powered mastering, “Skoove” for improving your keyboard playing skills, and software synths from KORG and other brands.

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