LZX Industries FKG3 Keyer Eurorack Video Module

LZX Industries FKG3 Keyer Eurorack Video Module

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Eurorack Video Module

FKG3 Keyer serves a wide range of creative image compositing functions.

Analogue logic based keying modes: Luma Key, Chroma Key Red, Chroma Key Green, and Chroma Key Blue.
Variable edge allows operation from crossfader to hard key.
Patch in monochromatic sources seamlessly via switched RGB input jacks.
LZX Gen3 Design Standards

Long lifespan pots, jacks and mechanical switches.
Active switching and gain control of the entire signal path.
Toggle and rotary switches latched to vertical refresh
Integrated ultra low noise power supplies.
Powered via 12V DC barrel or EuroRack power header.
Mounting depth 42mm max, with either power option installed.


12HP EuroRack Module
+12V Power Consumption, 225mA

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