Make Noise Shared System Plus Eurorack Modular Synth (Black & Gold)

Make Noise Shared System Plus Eurorack Modular Synth (Black & Gold)

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The creme de la creme of modular synth instruments.

This is the Shared System B&G in the new 7U Steel Case

The Shared System re-made in Black and Gold w/ the Erbe-Verb, Tempi, Morphagene, and CV Bus added. The personal favorite system of Make Noise founder Tony Rolando, this collection of modules is utilized by all artists for the Make Noise Records Shared System Series. It was also utilized by both Alessandro Cortini and Richard Devine for their performances at the 2012 Make Noise Opening party. The Shared System is the deepest and most complex of our systems bringing together all of our synthesis techniques into one system. From analog FM to voltage controlled granularization, the Shared System will go to more sound destinations than most folks have time to travel to in a single lifetime.
The CV Bus was originally designed for Alessandro Cortini's personal Make Noise system. It provides visual indication of level, rate and polarity for up to 4 control signals that will be shared throughout a patch. These 4 control signals are color coded and distributed across the center of the system allowing for quick, clean and intuitive patching. The distribution method is unlike the typical multiple since the control signals will appear beneath their possible destinations allowing for the use of shorter patch cables. The color coding and visual indication makes navigating complex patches easier and more intuitive. Typically, the CV Bus would be used to share the most important control signals in a patch such as your Master Clock.
The CV Bus also has the tools needed for integrating the Make Noise system with the outside world. A 1/4" Mono input with plenty of gain allows for bringing external signals into the system. The optimal 10Vpp signal level is visually indicated. A high quality Stereo Line Driver converts powerful modular synthesizer signal levels to the commonly used Line Level. There is mini-jack inputs for Left and Right, a single Master Volume control, and a TRS Stereo 1/4" output jack. This output is capable of driving long cable out to a PA System or a set of Headphones. It has AC coupling and a built-in limiting circuit (with visual indication) that prevents damage to ears and PA system when the patching gets experimental.


Time:  Tempi
New School Sequencing: René MK2
Human/ Expression Control: Pressure Points
Dual Analog Oscillator: DPO
Voltage Controlled Pitch Shifting and Echo: ECHOPHON
Dual Analog Control Voltage generator: MATHS
Complex Random Voltage Generator: Wogglebug
Dual Low Pass Gate: Optomix
Balanced Modulation: modDemix
Voltage Controlled DSP (Digital Signal Processing): Morphagene
modeless, continuously variable voltage controlled reverb: Erbe-Verb
7U case w/ power supply and AC Adapter, Ready to Play
Ships with 30 Ad Infinitum patch cables
Free blanking panels as appropriate
Comes with Lid, Highly portable, Meets requirements for carry-on luggage
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