Michigan Synth Works XVI Desktop Fader Controller (Silver)

Michigan Synth Works XVI Desktop Fader Controller (Silver)

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Desktop Fader Controller

XVI Desktop is a 16 channel desktop control surface. Please note: This is NOT a 16n and is NOT compatible with any 16n related software .


Long throw LED 60mm faders
0-5V, 0-10V, -5 to +5V CV ranges per channel
USB Powered (MINI USB, Cable included)
Fully analog CV outputs
I2C communications as leader or follower
2x Fully buffered I2C Ports for longer cable runs. (3.5mm TRS)
I2C mode and addressing easily set by hardware switches. No coding needed
USB MIDI and TRS B MIDI (can be used simultaneously with different mappings)
I2C, MIDI, and CV can be used simultaneously
Arduino codebase for further customization of midi output/I2C data
Dual Colored LEDs. Red/Green . Red/Blue, Blue/Pink or Plain (no LED)
Enclosure is 220mmx125mmx31mm
IMPORTANT: This device requires a MiniUSB 5V power supply which supplies 500mA or more (not included) for stand alone use. It is NOT recommend for use with passive USB hubs, only powered ones.

Other Important note: As of Serial#4161, all devices have TRS MIDI A. The spec has been official for a while now so all MiSW devices will confirm to TRS MIDI A.

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