Moffenzeef Stargazer Desktop Wavetable Synth - Red

Moffenzeef Stargazer Desktop Wavetable Synth - Red

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Desktop wavetable drone synth

In contrast to other drone generators, this instrument is not about smooth, wafting textures, but rough to highly aggressive walls of sound. However, this doesn’t mean that the Stargazer is always angry. Thanks to a total of 90 wavetables, its oscillators offer an extremely wide range of timbres. Besides, for example, hollowly roaring and vocal-like screaming audio material, you can also generate smooth sounds like organ-type drones. The oscillators can be flexibly (de)tuned and mixed.

The resulting signal is fed to a resonant low-pass filter with a rather cold sound character. Next in line are sample rate and bit depth reducers. Low values lead to grainy, rattling sounds. A second low-pass filter allows you to get the high-frequency content of the reducer effects under control. Afterwards, audio material is fed to a digital VCA, followed by the instrument’s CMOS distortion. How does it sound, you ask? – Dirty, very dirty. Last but not least, there is a level control.

The filters and the VCA all come with dedicated wavetable LFOs. Thanks to a Sustain pedal input, you can adjust the modulation strength with your foot. 

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