Noise Engineering Clep Diaz Eurorack Complex CV Generator Module (Silver)

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Clep Diaz is a time synchronised stepped voltage generator that creates discrete control voltage values in time with your music.

It generates a series of voltages that can rise or fall (or both) and be stepped or smooth. The number of discrete values is set by the “Count” control and can go from 0 - 32.

In LFO mode you can use the Unipolar 0 - 5v output or the Bipolar -5v - 5v output.

It also has a beginning of cycle output, manual step advance button and manual reset button.

Here's what Noise Engineering say:

Clep Diaz is a handy and small step CV and LFO generator. In step and random modes, use the encoder to control the number of steps in the sequence; in LFO mode, the encoder controls the amplitude of the wave. Toggle the directionality of the sequence: up, down, or up/down to customize the CVs further. CD also gives CV control over the number of steps in the sequence and an end-of-cycle trigger output. Unipolar and bipolar outputs allow maximal control.

"Timing the space between"

Size: 4HP Eurorack

Depth: 0.8 Inches

Power: 2x8 Eurorack

Draw +12V: 44mA

Draw -12: 10mA

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