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Noise Lab Prime Mover Eurorack Oscillator Module

Noise Lab Prime Mover Eurorack Oscillator Module

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Eurorack Analog VCO Module

Analog VCO
Prime Mover is an advanced and versatile voltage controlled oscillator based on the renowned 3340 VCO chip, originally developed by Doug Curtis ( Curtis Electromusic). Four primary outputs generate Saw, Triangle, Pulse and Sine, all with individual wave shapers to expand the sonic possibilities even further. All shapers are simultaneously controlled by the Wave Cycle knob and can be animated using an external CV source. The fifth output provides a square signal, one or two octaves below the main pitch.

Prime Mover is typically controlled with an 1V/octave CV signal, covering +10 octaves with excellent pitch tracking. A six position rotary switch makes octave transposition a breeze. Separate inputs for Hard and Soft Sync and a Frequency Modulation input with a selectable Linear or Exponential response. And finally, a dedicated output to pass on the CV signal - quite handy when you want to add a second oscillator.

Waveforms: Saw - Double Saw | Triangle - Folded Triangle
Pulse - Double pulse | Sine - Folded Sine | Sub Squares (-1 /-2 octave)

Width: 16HP
Depth: 26 mm
Power: 57 mA (+12 V) / 52 mA (-12 V)

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