OTO Machines BIM 12-Bit Analog/Digital Hybrid Delay Processor

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These monophonic processors have been renowned for the quality and musicality of
their sound. The processing was mainly analog (companders, limiters, low-pass filters, feedback path,…), and the signal was converted to digital just for the delay section, using 12-bit AD/DA converters and some RAM memory chips.

The advantage of this technology is particularly obvious when the sound is feedbacked many times through the whole analog and 12-bit circuitry. You’ll hear a sweet degradation and dark damping that the 100% digital delay boxes can’t offer. When OTO Machines designed BIM, they wanted to create a unique, modern and versatile effects processor based on this 80’s technology.

They managed to mix the fabulous sound of an old 12-bit digital delay with modern features such as stereo processing, extra FXs, many user presets, MIDI control, tap tempo, compact size… therefore BIM is the best of both worlds!

BIM is the perfect companion for the musician, producer, sound engineer or live performer who is looking for a unique, warm and musical delay processor.

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