Patch TCG James Sigler's Patch - The Card System For Modular Synthesists

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Creative card game for Modular synths

A flexible and open-ended system for learning, practicing, and inspring creativity on the modular, Patch: The Card Game is the first of its kind. Modular synth veteran James Cigler originally set out to create something that would help force him out of habitual patching and into areas he'd never thought to try, and quickly realized he had something that could benefit all users of a modular synthesizers. 

Refined into what it is now today, Patch: TCG incoporates challenges, random alterations, and inspiration concepts all into the context of something that is as equally fun as it is enlightening. Extra design emphasis was placed on an open-ended design so that players can use and incoroporate them into whatever workflow suites them best - with several suggested ways of playing and strong encouragement to bend and break rules to create their own ways.

See what you didn't realize you and your modular were capable of with a few rounds of Patch: The Card Game.

• 9x Abstraction Cards
• 8x Progression Cards
• 8x Disruption Cards
• 1x Quick-start Card
• Stylish tuck box

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