Patching Panda Hatz 2 Eurorack Drum Module

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Eurorack Hi-hats module

Hatz 2 is a 2 channel analog hi-hat creation module combining 2 kinds of sound source; white noise and metallic.
The module is designed to give you a closed hat on one channel and open on the other. Each channel has a 2-pole filter with individual frequency CV and variable control over decay curve from linear to exponential. Hatz also features an a accent input and choke functionality with CV controlled decay over the open hatz.
The external input allows you design your own percussion sounds depending on what you feed in, while the Hold input manually opens the envelope via gates or CV.

for the mk 2:

"We´ve replaced the external input for "texture" with CV control. We´ve designed this new function to allow the users to create a vast kind of hi-hats inlcuding snare drums with the help of the filters, please see the video:
Also we upgraded the envelopes, reduced significantly the SNR, and the metals sounds very nice metallic hi-hat.
So we have not just replaced one function but really upgraded the hi-hat module."
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