Plankton Electronics Ants! Semi-Modular Analogue Desktop Synth

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This is our favourite semi-modular desktop synth, hands down. The size to patchability ratio of this synth is unmatched by anything else we’ve seen. Its got over 50 patch points, loads of modulation options, up to four oscillators, paraphonic Midi to CV and loads more.
ANTS! is also exceptionally beginner friendly, its got a fantastic user manual with diagrams explaining many of the more abstract concepts within synthesis . There is also a database full of graphic patch examples so if you’re after a certain kind of sound but not sure how to achieve it you can look there.

Here’s some of the specs;

  • Two LFOs, both with two different wave shapes and CV control over the rate.
  • Two Oscillators switchable between audio rates and LFO rates. Both have PWM and CV control of rates (V/OCT).
  • Two standard Oscillators, with triangle and ramp waves and both with V/OCT CV control.
  • A Midi to CV convertor, with a gate out and two CV outs. Midi is on 3.5mm to DIN cable.
  • A simple AND logic gate.
  • A S&H circuit, with slew/glide.
  • A simple VCA.
  • A noise source.
  • A multimode VCF with high pass and low pass modes. Two inputs and CV over the cutoff frequency.
  • An Attack Decay envelope with trigger input.
  • An Attack Sustain Release envelope with gate input.
  • A three channel mixer, with attenuverters on two channels
  • And a final output VCA with a volume control.

That’s a lot to take in we know, but don’t worry, ANTS! is also partially pre-patched so you can start making sounds without any cables. ANTS! talks the same language as Eurorack format modular synths too, so it’s the perfect diving board for getting into modular.

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